Lawyer-Led & Time-Tested

After 22 years of being a lawyer for Trustees…
Bruce Bickel became one.

Leveraging that legal knowledge and experience, the fiduciaries and support staff of Bickel Fiduciary Group administer trusts and estates throughout Central California.

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What is a Fiduciary and how can they help my situation?

fi·du·ci·ar·y  |  [fi-doo-shee-er-ee], noun.

Law. A person to whom a property or power is entrusted for the benefit of another, including: a personal representative, guardian, conservator, trustee.

A Fiduciary is a “business manager” for a trust, with authority and decision-making powers to handle all financial transactions and investments, under directions specified in the Trust Agreement.


This is an essential character trait for any fiduciary. For us, it is Core Value #1.

Integrity mandates honesty in all matters, not just financial transactions. It applies equally to the commitments and promises we make.  It is “doing what we say we will do.”

Integrity is “all or nothing.” It doesn’t apply to some actions and not others. It is not something you can have “most” of the time. It involves wholeness and consistency of character.


As fiduciaries, we handle someone else’s money, for the benefit of others. In this circumstance, the service we provide should be outstanding.

Perfection is often unattainable, but it is always our goal.

Trustors and Beneficiaries deserve a fiduciary who tries hard, but a “good effort” alone is insufficient.

Excellence is the product of knowing what to do, and doing it extraordinarily well.


In every case, we have a clear understanding of who deserves our loyalty. Beneficiaries want us to by loyal to them (which they interpret to mean that we should concede to their requests). But the Trustors often appointed us as the Trustee for the specific purpose of to saying “no” to a beneficiary’s unreasonable or inappropriate requests.

While we always treat the beneficiaries with respect, our decisions arise out of our loyalty to the Trustor’s wishes as outlined in the Trust document.

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